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Prior Farm Crawl events

Events will be happening on each farm!

Angora Springs.jpg

Angora Springs

Angora Springs is a small family farm in the beautiful Dundas Valley. Come visit our scenic location and have a picnic surrounded by old trees, see the pond, and swing in a hammock.

Visit our barnyard and meet our farm animals. You can feed the chickens, say hello to our flock of lovely fibre sheep and lambs (some are a bit shy), and pat the horses. 

If the weather permits, we will have a demonstration of hand weaving and spinning wool from our shop. We'll show you how the wool is prepared from shearing to creating yarn to knit and weave. 

Wool products from our farm will be available to buy including knitting wool, dryer balls, cat toys, raw wool, and rovings. There will also be a small pop up crochet plushie stand. 


Lotsa Hostas/Jerrys Berries

Jerrys Honey, Bees and Raspberries

Josip will be demonstrating and talking all things honey bees.
Observe the inside of a hive. Find the queen. 

The observation hive will be available until 2 pm. 

Did you know that you maintain summer and fall raspberries
completely differently?

Come out and see the raspberry

Need dessert after lunch. Raspberry sundaes for purchase.

Lotsa Hostas & flowers

Wander the display gardens and dream big gardening dreams. Our specialty is low to no maintenance perennial
plants. That means NO watering after the first season.


See which perennials also double as cut flowers. The bees love them and they look wonderful in bouquets.



At Manorun, Kaleb and Holly will be providing a meal option of a pulled chicken sandwich, paired with arugula and wheat berry salads. This will be prepared with organic ingredients grown at Manorun Organic Farm!

Manorun will also be hosting pony grooming demonstrations, wagon ride tour of the farm, and feeding the pigs.

Farm store open with veggies, meats, and more. Bring a cooler and don’t forget to visit the Farm Store!

simpler thyme.png

Simpler Thyme

10am-11am – Crepes with rhubarb sauce and maple syrup
11am – Collect eggs from the chickens
1pm – Plant potatoes with Charles
2pm – Collect eggs from the chickens
Ducklings hatching that day!!!
Market open all day with asparagus, maple syrup and in season vegetables 
Guided tours starting at 10:30am


Self guided tours anytime - download the map of the farm here

HCOF logo.jpg

Heart's Content

Welcome to our farm! Richard will give a medicinal and edible plant walk, and Ouin will give interactive tours of the wetlands. Ella will talk about caring for organic chickens, and our efforts to protect farmland, restore wetlands and create shelter belts and pollinator plantings. Come taste our organic apple cider! We will be selling cider, calendula salves and lip balms and dried herbs. 

Liberty Way Farms_Logo_Screen-100x (1).jpg

Liberty Way Farm

Join us at Liberty Way Farm where you will be immersed in a symphony of regenerative farming practices. Whether you are a passionate food enthusiast, a nature lover, animal lover, or simply seeking a rejuvenating escape, our permaculture farm welcomes you with open arms.

From naturally-grown fruits and vegetables to our free-ranging Chickens (baby chicks), Cattle (baby calf just born), Pigs, and Horses -- our farm is home to a diverse cast of characters who are all eager to meet you, and all have a vital role in our regenerative story.

Come and witness the magic where nature's abundance unfolds before your eyes. Discover the joy of connecting with the land, savouring flavours that awaken your taste buds, and learning sustainable practices that can be applied in your everyday life.


During your visit there will be:

  • food available

  • a fun scavenger hunt

  • prize to be won

  • animals to meet

  • lots to see and do

...and of course our farm store is filled with our organically grown produce, locally made candles, soaps, kitchenware, sauces, goodies and more!!


We invite you to witness the wonders of regenerative agriculture firsthand and engage in activities that nourish both body and soul. 


Summit Station Dairy

Ticket holders will be allowed to visit the barn, see the cows, and talk to farmers.

Ben, Carl and Dave will be in the barn from 10am – 4pm.

All ticket holders must check in at the store first and get a pair of boot covers.

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