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  • How do I get to the farms?
    Farm Crawl is a self-directed event where the participants drive themselves from farm to farm. You choose what farms to visit and in what order. You also choose how much time to spend at each farm. We suggest planning for a 10 – 30 minute drive between farms. Here is the map of the participating farms.
  • Is there a shuttle bus to the different farms?
    No, Farm Crawl does not have a shuttle bus service. Participants drive themselves from farm-to-farm, choosing the order of the farms they visit as well as how long they want to spend at each farm.
  • How will I find the different farms?
    We provide maps to Farm Crawl participants via email. You can view a map on our homepage. Participating farms will also have signs at the road to help you find them a little more easily.
  • What makes Farm Crawl different from a regular day on the farm?
    Although most farms are open for business as usual, what makes Farm Crawl days special are the events organized by the farms! Check out the Events page to see what each farm is planning for the upcoming farm crawl.
  • Will I visit all the farms in one day?
    There are many farms participating in Farm Crawl and, although it is possible to visit them all in one day, you might find you don’t get the most from your experience because you won’t have much time to spend at each farm. If traveling with children we recommend planning on visiting 3-5 farms. If traveling with adults we suggest choosing the 7-9 farms you would like to visit most.
  • What should I bring to Farm Crawl?
    Tickets and Money First, don’t forget your tickets (emailed to you after purchase). If you’re buying tickets at your first farm tickets must be purchased online and proof of purchase (sent via email) shown to farm. It’s also a good idea to have money so you can bring home a taste of Farm Crawl with some delicious and fun farm products! Clothing Farm Crawl is a rain or shine event. Be prepared for changes in weather with layers; the weather can change dramatically from one part of Hamilton to another. Wear a sun hat; even on cloudy days the sun is still surprisingly strong! Sturdy footwear is another must have item; they are working farms and sometimes it gets a little muddy. Phone/Camera Take some memories home with you! Please feel free to take pictures and share your stories using the Farm Crawl hashtag #FarmCrawlHamOnt on Facebook and Instagram. Drink and Snacks It’s always good to bring a full reusable water bottle and maybe a snack along with you. Some farms will have food available, check out the Farm Crawl Day Events page for more details. Bringing a picnic lunch? Lotsa Hostas/Jerry’s Berries has some picnic seating available too. Now all that’s left is to come out to Farm Crawl and bring home some memories!
  • What if it’s raining?
    Hamilton Farm Crawl is an outdoor event which will run rain or shine and tickets will remain valid for the event date purchased. Refunds will not be generated for rain, except under the conditions of event cancellation by organizers due to inclement weather, and in which case tickets can be transferred to the next farm crawl event. This event takes place in multiple locations and weather conditions could vary greatly between farm locations. In the case of inclement weather that poses a danger to event participants, such as thunder, lightning, or tornado warning, each farm will monitor the weather conditions at their location and postpone the event activities on the farm until the inclement weather stops. If the inclement weather does not stop, the event will be cancelled, and in this case, we will communicate to farm crawl participants that their tickets may be used at our next Farm Crawl event. In the case of inclement weather that includes thunder, lighting, or other dangerous conditions, it is recommended that participants find shelter, remain in their vehicles, or if possible, find an indoor location to remain until the conditions improve. Farm Crawl is dedicated to organizing a safe event for everyone, and will communicate any official postponement/cancellation via social media channels when updating is possible, but encourages event participants to always remain aware of environmental conditions when present at any outdoor event or farm, and find shelter as soon as possible should these conditions occur.
  • How much are tickets?
    Tickets can be purchased in advance for $17.50 for adults and $5 for youth (5-16 years old), children under 5 are free. Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the crawl for $17.50 for adults, $5 for youth (5-16 years Old) and children under 5 are free. NOTE: TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE, EVEN ON DAY OF Visit the Tickets page to purchase now!
  • Are dogs welcome?
    Unfortunately, no. Farm Crawl days are busy days at the farms. Crowds and livestock don't mix well with our four-legged friends.
  • Can I purchase tickets the day of?
    Yes! You can purchase tickets at anytime online through your phone, even from farm parking lots!
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